Children's Environmental Health Initiative


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Grant Program Description and Goals

The Cedar Tree Foundation supports campaigns and programs designed to reduce children’s exposures to toxic chemicals in products and in their environments.   The Foundation recognizes that toxic chemicals pose a threat to all people, but especially to children, and the government does not do an adequate job protecting children from these hazards. 

The Foundation is interested in supporting campaigns and projects with measurable outcomes visible within the next 3-6 years, that provide practical and innovative ways to reduce children’s exposures to toxic chemicals in products and environments.  We support the use of marketplace strategies that work with corporations to reduce their footprints and/or other strategies (including state-based work and work with an environmental justice focus) that move companies, institutions or communities toward healthier practices with a direct positive impact on children’s health.   Cedar Tree will evaluate projects based on evidence of a reduction of children’s exposures to chemicals, evidence of a connection to system-wide changes (not just changes based on individual action), and potential victories that can be held up as models for positive change.  We believe that there is no single solution to the problem of chemical impacts on children’s health.  The Cedar Tree Foundation is not afraid to take risks in grantmaking and we are open to creative thinking outside of the box and across sectors.


Grant Program logistics

  • Cedar Tree plans to award 4 grants at $125,000 per year, for 3 years (with the possibility of renewal for an additional 3 years) in each of the next 3 years (2017, 2018, 2019).  These grants will be project support grants.
  • Grants will be awarded only to US based non-profits, working within the US, with valid 501c3 status.
  •  Current and past Cedar Tree grantees are encouraged to apply for this funding.


HOW TO apply

If you are an organization working on an innovative children’s health campaign or project, please fill out our RFP by August 1, 2017.   Cedar Tree will let you know by early Fall if we plan on inviting your organization to provide second round information.  Final grant decisions will be made by end of calendar year 2017.

If you have questions about this RFP or Cedar Tree’s process, please reach out to Cedar Tree’s grants manager, Dana Campion.  She is best reached via email at:



The Cedar Tree Foundation only funds registered 501 (c3) non-profit organizations for work in the United States.

Updated 6/2017