Grants | 2015| Environmental (Regional)


Charles River Watershed Association for general support, $20,000

Environmental Leadership Program for general support, $50,000

LightHawk for project support for Atlantic Work, $25,000

Livable Streets Transportation Alliance of Boston Inc. for project support for the Greenway Links Initiative, $10,000

Mothers out Front for general support, $15,000

Polly Hill Arboretum for general support, $20,000 a year for two years

Regional Environmental Council, Inc. for general support, $20,000

Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation for general support, $10,000

The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region for project support for general support of Interfaith Youth for Climate Justice, $10,000

The Nature Conservancy for project support for work on Martha’s Vineyard, $3,000 a year for two years

Vineyard Conservation Society Inc. for general support, $20,000 a year for two years

Wildlife Information Center Inc. for the Lehigh Gap Nature Center for project support for a Conservation Landscape Project Manager, $47,767