The Detroit Initiative


The Cedar Tree Foundation has an interest in sustainable redevelopment in Detroit, including projects and efforts around urban agriculture, sustainable food systems, and economic redevelopment.  We fund projects that support, protect, and improve the quality of life for long-term Detroit residents through community engagement, development, education and employment security. Cedar Tree’s Detroit Initiatives explore how the three “P’s” of sustainability (People, Places and Profit) can work in harmony to further enhance our funding in Detroit. We focus our grantmaking through a people-first lens, exemplifying environmental, social, racial, and economic justice.

A list of current grantees is provided below.  If your organization is working in areas that overlap with Cedar Tree’s Detroit Initiatives we would love to hear from you. The best way to share your information is to fill out the LOI form below.  We review submissions on an on-going basis and will be in touch if we have questions or follow-up.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Cedar Tree's Grants and Communications Manager, Dana Karlsson Campion.


Current Grants List:

Bailey Park Project for Project Support of Bailey Park, $10,000

Detroit Food & Entrepreneurship Academy for general support, $10,000

Detroit Food Policy Council for general support, $10,000

Doing Development Differently in Metro Detroit for general support, $10,000

Eastside Community Network for two project support grants totaling $334,000 which will support ECN, and partner organizations in the development and implementation of the McDougall Hunt Project.

EcoWorks for Project Support for sustainability initiatives in McDougall Hunt Neighborhood, $3,000

Elevate Energy for general support, $10,000

FoodLab Detroit for general support, $10,000

Keep Growing Detroit for general support, $12,000

Province of St. Joseph of the Capuchin Order for project support for Earthworks Urban Farm, $12,000

Street Democracy for project support for the Street Outreach Court Detroit, $10,000


Letter Of Inquiry Form

Please fill out the form below if your work overlaps with Cedar Tree's current interests.  Thank you in advance for sharing information about your organization with us.

Your Name
Your Name
Please provide a brief summary of your organization and its priorities. (1 paragraph max)
Very briefly, describe the environmental problem that you are addressing. (3 paragraph max)
What impact do you hope to make on that problem (please be specific) (5 paragraphs max)
Briefly describe the work you seek funding for (how will you achieve your intended impact). (5 paragraph max)
What other organizations (if any) do you partner with in your work?
What is your current organizational budget?
If seeking project support, what is your current project support budget?
How much do you request in funding (feel free to include a range)

Updated 9/2019