Environmental education teacher professional development program



The Cedar Tree Foundation is interested in communicating the facts and urgency of environmental issues taught in schools in the United States by supporting organizations that provide summer professional development opportunities for current teachers.  We are interested in programs which allow teachers to have an engaging hands-on environmental education experience with a cohort of other teachers, include networking and follow-up activities that support teachers in building their skills and bringing innovative and inspiring environmental stewardship education back to their classrooms in the fall. 

To this end, the Cedar Tree Foundation invites organizations that provide professional development opportunities for teachers who are working in the school systems to communicate urgency and cultivate stewardship around environmental problems to submit a proposal for funding.   Compelling opportunities for school administrators that translate into impact in the classroom or school community will also be considered.



  • Proposals will be accepted until September 30th (for programs running in Summer 2018)
  • Grant decisions will be made prior to December 1, 2017


Grant size

Grant awards will likely range between $20,000-$100,000, however, amounts awarded are contingent on the nature of the work, as well as the number of proposals received and pursued by the Foundation. Grants will be limited to one-year.



  • Only 501c3 organizations
  • U.S. non-profit institutions for U.S. based work
  • Professional development opportunities should be aimed at K-12 teachers in public, private, or alternative schools. 



In the 2017 grant year, the Cedar Tree Foundation will prioritize programs that:

  • Bring groups of teachers together for shared learning, leadership development, and communication training
  • Provide a networking component after the learning experience to support engagement in the classroom
  • Include resources that help teachers implement the new learning into the classroom environment
  • Have a method to assess the impact of the programs on the teachers who participate, and reception of the material by the students



  1. Summary:  Please provide a paragraph or two describing your environmental education professional development program/opportunity
  2. Need:  What is the need for this program?  How did you assess it?
  3. Goals:  What are the goals of your program? 
  4. Activities:  Describe the specific activities supported by your program.  What learning do you provide, to whom, how, and when.   What environmental issue is your program’s focus?
  5. Sustainability:  How do you support the implementation of the learnings from your program after the end of the summer experience? 
  6. Networking:  Does your program have a networking component?  If so, what is its value?
  7. Measurement:  How do you measure the success of your program?
  8. Budget:  Please provide a budget for your organization and a budget for the project (if you are requesting project support)
  9. Applicant Information:  contact name, title, org, address, website, phone, tax ID #, proof of 501(c)3.



Please email application materials to ee@cedartreefound.org.  Questions about the process or eligibility should also be directed to ee@cedartreefound.org.