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Cedar Tree Foundation is interested in promoting the communication of facts and urgency of environmental issues to students in the United States in order to galvanize their present and future action. To that end, we are looking to support organizations providing in depth professional development opportunities for teachers. Our current interest is focused on programs engaging teachers in a skill building, hands-on environmental education experience with a cohort of peers including networking and follow-up activities to support classroom implementation to engage student action, potentially with a civic engagement component.


We are pleased to announce the organizations awarded 2018 funding:

Beyond Benign: $20,000 for project support of the Lead Teacher Green Chemistry Program

California Academy of Sciences: $30,000 for project support of the Teacher Institute of Environmental Learning

Experience Learning: $20,000 for project support of Community Action in the Classroom Project

National Wildlife Federation:  $40,000 for project support of Teach4Climate Professional Development Institute

Paleontological Research Institution: $5,000 for project support for dissemination of Teacher Friendly Guide to Climate Change

South Shore Natural Science Center:  $30,000 for project support for the Climate Change in the Classroom Workshop


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Updated 1/2019