Environment & Race Work in Massachusetts


This program funds environmental work in Massachusetts, including work related to food & agriculture, that also addresses structural racism and / or white privilege. LOIs are reviewed on an on-going basis.  The Cedar Tree Foundation will reach out with any questions or to ask for a full proposal.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Cedar Tree's Grants Manager, Dana Campion.


Your Name
Your Name
Please provide a brief summary of your organization and its priorities. (1 paragraph max)
Very briefly, describe the environmental problem that you are addressing. (1 paragraph max)
What impact do you hope to make on that problem (please be specific) (2 paragraphs max)
Briefly describe the work you seek funding for (how will you achieve your intended impact). (3 paragraph max)
Who will benefit from the results of your work, and how?
How do you describe the inter-related nature of your work? Why does it make sense to address these issues together?
What organizations are your partnering with, if any?
How much do you request in funding (feel free to include a range or leave this blank)
What is your current organizational budget?
If seeking project support, what is your current project support budget?