Sustainable Grazing initiative

2017 Grant Recipients


Land Stewardship Project: $175,000 x 3 years for project support for advancing sustainable grazing in Minnesota. LSP will use farmer-to-farmer peer education to engage mid-size farmers in Minnesota with information and inspiration about soil health and how re-integrating livestock onto cropland can improve their yield, resilience, and profit.

Practical Farmers of Iowa: $175,000 x 3 years for project support for the livestock program. PFI will use farmer-led, on-farm research to demonstrate the value of regenerative grazing, and to inspire a range of Iowa farmers to try something new, with a focus on increasing perennial pasture.  Their media campaign will expose more than 1 million Iowans to information about the economic and ecological benefits of regenerative grazing systems.

Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development $150,000 x 3 years for project support for the Pasture Project. This project will both 1) inspire corn & soybean farmers in the Upper Mississippi River Basin to improve their soil health by grazing cover crops in the winter, and 2) partner with public agencies in Wisconsin and beyond to expand sustainable grazing on public lands.



For more information on how to apply though this program, please head here.